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Christ For Life Ministries

Connecting People to Christ.... For Life


Worship Pastor

Leading Praise & Worship

Leading worship is amazing; to be given the responsibility of leading people into intimate worship with the living God is such a blessing. It could be the most rewarding and worthwhile thing you'll ever do! But the responsibility can also be quite overwhelming. It's not an easy job, and is often frustrating, exhausting and even demoralizing.

Leading worship is a call to humility. We have to respect the trust that God has given us and be a servant to his will, staying humble, selfless and willing to learn.

The role of the worship leader is to engage people with God. I think of it as trying to get everyone to forget who and what is around them; to get them to worship God as if there is no-one else in the room, and to encourage their own relationship with God. Worship is a corporate activity, and we are all one family. But I want people to have freedom in worship, a sense of abandonment as they sing to God. I don't want them to be concerned with what everyone else is doing. I don't want them to have to rely on a worship leader to be led into worship, I want them to be able to lead themselves there. I want to encourage them in their own personal worship.

The responses between God and his people should be dynamic, natural and spontaneous

Worship Team Training

Equipping Worship Teams

How healthy is your worship team? Without a way to measure, it’s impossible to know how you are doing in the key areas of:

Personal growth

Planning worship services

Leading and Growing your team

Budgeting resources

And much more!

Discover how to use resources to gauge the health of your team and take action steps to ensure you and your team are growing this year.